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Crumbs Screen Shot "The Crumbs Family Cook book has arrived and brings with it quick, unpretentious recipes and a relaxed, guilt-free message" - The Times

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Great balls of rice!

I do love an arancini ball – golden and satisfyingly round. I first came across them on holiday in Sicily and had no idea what they were. In more recent times my husband has become a dab hand at making them.

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Cauliflower cheese toastie.

Cauliflower cheese toastie – you read it here first. The comforting deliciousness of cauliflower cheese in the crunchy yum of a toastie. Inspired? I think so.

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Life changes and other news…

So. It used to be that no change in our life was left undocumented on the blog. Kids’ first day at school. Holidays abroad. But as the kids have got older, work demands have taken over, and the blog has stopped being our first port of call when something happens. Which is why we haven’t told you about…

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Roast Dinner Hacks

I love a roast. But not everyone feels the same way, apparently. I saw in a recent survey by McCain’s that the number of Sunday lunches eaten each week has fallen by 4%. Apparently people find it too much of a faff and can’t be bothered, even though it was voted as the favourite meal of a third of the respondents. Now, obviously, here at Crumbs HQ we know all about ‘can’t be bothered’. . .

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