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It’s the little things in life that can bring real happiness. Little children, babies, cute furry kittens, vegetable peelers. Yes, vegetable peelers have recently made me really happy. Admittedly not the warm glow I get from cuddling a kitten or someone else’s child, but a punch the air, “this is so eeeasy!” kind of happiness. Until recently I had a common or garden vegetable peeler, it was long and thin and did the trick. But often I couldn’t be bothered to peel my fruit or vegetables, telling myself that the skin is where many of the nutrients are stored, so it was probably good to eat it, and I wasn’t just being lazy.
I also felt that if my children were given the choice of apple crumble with the apple skins on and no crumble because I didn’t have time to peel, they’d probably choose the former. And I stand by all that.
However, I was at my sister’s house yesterday, faced with two sweet potatoes. “I don’t need to peel these do I?” She looked at me, slightly appalled, and handed me her peeler. So I peeled, and what a revolution! It took seconds! It was a vegetable peeler like the one in the picture (this one is from Lakeland, £4.99) and it made peeling so easy I wanted to peel more! I think it can be quite easy to get carried away with buying kitchen gadgets (we’ve just got an ice cream maker) but it’s the little things you use everyday that really make a difference.
Next time, in this occasional Kit series – the knife sharpener.

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  1. New to your site – a tip off from Bambino Goodies. I love this type of peeler – I first came across it about 2 years ago and as you say it was revolutionary. My 4 yo begs to peel potatoes and carrots and with this peeler, he can do it all by himself. Fantastic!

  2. Glad it’s not just me that gets excited about this type of stuff!

  3. I’m in love with mine too! But even more excited about my julienne peeler…it looks like this one but juliennes the vegetables. Amazing;)

  4. Sounds incredible! Although I’ve never been hundred per cent sure what julienne-ing means! Time for a visit to John Lewis me-thinks.

  5. I’ve been using peelers like this for years.It makes life so much easier-doesn’t stop me from hating the job of peeling Potatoes any less though.


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