Cutting the apron strings

This is the most beautiful apron I have ever seen. It looks almost too pretty to contemplate getting sticky fingers on it and would happily double up as an outfit to a wedding. All you’d need is a hat.

But no an apron it is – a traditional American one no less. It wraps around and comes in oatmeal or white linen with contrasting sashes. I imagine just by wearing it life would not only feel more orderly but my cooking would improve tenfold. It’s from the stylish homeware store Natural History who also have some elegant table linen (read more about my table cloth love here) and sweet children’s aprons. Had it not been my birthday last week, the apron would be top of my list. Instead I may have to treat myself. Lucy

Claire says: “My god, it’s beautiful! And I never thought I’d say that about an apron.”


  1. It is gorgeous, but would last approximately three minutes on me before I managed to set fire to the sash.

  2. I think it is more of a housecoat than an apron. Perfect for doing errands around the home in, whilst keeping your sunday best clean. I want one too.


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