Skew me! Sizzling swords

This is a great recipe for that tricky post-school tea slot. It needs to be warm and hearty, at the same time as being quick to prepare. This is from my friend Karen Harmer who has two little boys, aged 9 and 6.
“In the Harmer household victory over chaos can only be secured on full tummies. With two limitlessly energetic sons, military precision is required to juggle their muddy, fractious, hungry demands while simultaneously fending off assaults from flying Beyblades and Lego pieces. So I take to the battlefield armed with Ma Harmer’s sizzling swords! This is a hot, nutritious meal that can be quickly prepared and cooked between goals and ging-gang-goolies.
These weapons of mass destruction can be knocked up in minutes and devoured in seconds. Supervision required for younger warriors though, since the skewers double up as a handy tool with which to assault your brother…
Sizzling swords
2 hungry children
Start to finish: 15 minutes

2 Chicken breasts
Red pepper
1 large mango
6 baby corn
2 wholemeal pittas
Cucumber to serve
Chop all the ingredients into bite sized chunks and thread onto skewers alternating between items. Drizzle with a little runny honey and olive oil and grill under a medium hot grill for 10 minutes, turning regularly.
Drop a couple of wholemeal pittas in the toaster whilst the skewers cool a little and serve with slices of cucumber (or, as popular in our house, cut with a peeler to create long ‘snakes’).
The result – clean plates all round and minimal washing up. Mission accomplished.


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with this idea. Our equivalent are sausage, new potato and onion skewers – like bangers and mash only easier and more novelty.

  2. Wow, both sound super yummy. It’s weird what children will eat, if presented in “novelty” fashion.


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