To mix or not to mix

I’ve wanted one of these for as long as I can remember. Well maybe not that long, but certainly for a good few years which in my see-it, buy-it mindset is practically forever. But it is an eye-watering amount of money (around £400) that I have never felt able to justify for something that essentially just makes cakes.

I’d have to bake a lot of buns, just as many meringues and whip a few thousand egg whites for it to earn its keep and I am just not sure I can eat that much.
In their defence everyone who has one says they are worth their weight in gold (although that would possibly be cheaper) and last for years.
It is comical to think that people get so het-up over food mixers but bizarrely it is a divisive topic amongst cake-heads – along the lines of the Mac versus PC debate. In this case it is KitchenAid (more expensive, more beautiful) versus Kenwood (cheaper, still pretty, but better at the job according to some). Either way in order to get my money’s worth, I need to decide soon.
Claire says: “At the moment I am borrowing my brother-in-law’s Tesco Value electric beater, as I have given up on my own RUBBISH Dualit handheld blender – it sprays cake mix everywhere, despite the 5 litre mixing bowl I bought especially to contain it. I think, in the style stakes, the KitchenAid wins, although the Tesco beater has a very natty blue and red Tesco Value box. But, it does the trick and costs very little. However, if money wasn’t an issue and I had the space, I’d definitely get a Kenwood. It’s half the price and is still quite pretty.”


  1. I am a Kenwood girl. It changed my life. I’m not kidding. I even have the sausage making attachment. I like the look of the Kitchenaid but I find it hard to believe something that pretty will work hard for me. (I think that comment was discriminatory, apologies.)

  2. They are a thing of beauty. I was in Cardiff for a weekend at the rugby with the boys and happened past Kitchens on the High Street in Cardiff.

    They had a KitchenAid mixer on offer. Now I’v never seen them on offer before or afterwards so I snapped one up.

    I got an unbelievable amount of abuse from my friends for purchasing kitchen equipment on a boys’ weekend. I also had to walk miles back to our hotel on the waterfront carrying the mixer with the string they’d used to tie up the bag cutting viciously into my fingers.

    I then had to take it back on the train to London, London to Bishops Stortford (for a party), Bishops Stortford to London and then finally London to Hull.

    Worth every bit of abuse, discomfort and effort to get it home. It has had a huge amount of use and still looks as good as it did the day I bought it.

    I wish you many many years of enjoyment with your new toy.

  3. I cannot believe you bought a KitchenAid on a lads’ weekend. Respect.

  4. Henry, This is possibly my favourite blog post of all time. I will now forever associate KitchenAids with rugby fans from Hull. Thanks for posting.
    PS Just to complete my mental picture what colour did you plump for? For some reason I am hoping it was pink.
    Lucy, Crumbs

  5. Funnily enough I was on the radio at the weekend with the lovely Vanessa Kimbell for BBC Northants discussing this very issue. 3 of us demo’ed kenwood v kitchenaid v handmixer and amazingly the handmixer won the soft peak meringue test and all 3 machines were virtually equal for the cupcake test. Having said that, it was a kenwood hand mixer and no way would my Bosch one at home have been as powerful. It has made me think twice though about whether £400 quid is worth the investment.

    Lovely to meet you both last week by the way!

  6. Really? That’s great advice that has quite possibly left me £350 the richer!
    Thanks. Lovely to meet you too.

  7. I got my kitchenaid 5 years ago and i love it!!

    Is it the best mixer, winner of any and all tests? Maybe not. But it is great it is versitile and it is a thing of beauty in my kitchen!


    Ps. My wife wishes it were smaller 😉

  8. Hello M – thanks for posting. I’m still -all these months on umming and ahhing – about it. They are a thing of beauty though and another poster on our ice cream maker post – said you can even make ice cream with them. The possibilities are endless!

  9. Ahhh – the blissfulness of owning a KitchenAid mixer! For those thinking they are expensive – yep they are. However, I bought a reconditioned one as that’s all I could afford 15 years ago and it has just started being a bit arthritic so I’ve treated myself to a brand new one. For me, there is no other mixer which will do. Comes in shedloads of colours and I recommend buying the glass mixer bowl (shop around they go from sick bag inducing cost down to nervous grin I so deserve it cost). I have all the attachments and, yes, I use them. A very worthy treat to me and those who scoff the results think it’s worth it too!

    • Lucy now has the Kenwood and swears by it. I have just had a sick-inducing kitchen extension and all gadgets are off limits until my bank balance recovers. But I can dream. Apparently there is a boysenberry coloured one now! x


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