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Ok. The party’s over, the bunting’s down and it’s back to work/school/whatever. What with all these four day weeks you’ve probably slipped into bad habits and are looking to turn over a new leaf. I know I am. So I’ve binned the chocolate eggs, conceded that – although very similar to yoghurt – custard is not a good breakfast alternative and dug these funny looking pods out of the drawer.
I bought them in September. Both my daughters started school (reception and nursery) on the same day and I wanted them to have something more substantial in their tummies than their normal Cheerios. So I expanded our breakfast repertoire to include pancakes, French toast and poached eggs.

Does anyone remember the 1950s ad campaign: ‘Go to work on an egg’? It starred Tony Hancock and the slogan was supposedly written by Fay Weldon. As I am not sending my little ‘uns up chimneys just yet, I thought going to school on an egg instead would be a good start to the day.

Eggs are full of B-vitamins and protein and contrary to popular belief – they aren’t as cholesterol-high as once thought.
It may sound like a faff cooking eggs before the mad school dash, especially poached ones which

are supposed to be notoriously hard to get right, but these little pods make it even simpler than boiling an egg. They are literally fool-proof and only cost a fiver for a pack of two from Lakeland.
You just lightly oil each pod (we use sunflower oil), crack an egg in and lower into boiling water, stick the pan lid on and wait until they’re cooked. You then flip them over and they’re ready to eat. They’re slightly more watery than the fancy ones you get in a restaurant’s Eggs Benedict, but my two don’t seem to mind. Lucy
Claire says:
“My poached eggs are always a ball of watery albumen, but I do love them when they work. Will definitely try this.”


  1. my teenager loves pancakes for breakfast, but have not tried the pods. Will have to pop up to Brent Cross, a trip to Lakeland is always fun – I am amazed at what they sell.

  2. My mum is on first name terms with the Lakeland delivery lady, such is her Lakeland habit. Gotta love it x

  3. I know. Lakeland is brilliant. My husband loves it more than me though. He always comes back with something utterly essential though – like a pineapple corer. How did we ever live without one?


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