Kit: silicone spatulas. Oh the joy!

My fridge is full of half-empty jars. In fact half-empty is probably generous. My fridge is full of virtually empty jars because I’m too tight to throw anything away. I can’t bear to chuck a mustard pot away when, in theory, there is still a scraping in there. In practise that scraping is only available to someone with very small bendy arms. So the pot stays in the fridge until it looks so unappetising that I feel within my rights to put it in the bin.
So, imagine my delight on one of my many, many visits to John Lewis, when I discover that Le Creuset have created a silicone spatula for just such a situation. It’s long and thin, with special sticky-outy things and nubbins to get in those awkward curves, where the mustard, jam, Nutella, get caught.
And it’s Le Creuset! So I’m not pikey and it’s not about saving money, it’s about saving the world for future generations by not wasting what we’ve got. It’s a good thing it’s not about saving money, as the spatula cost me £9.50. Which, when you consider the mustard cost £1.39 and the scraping is probably a maximum of one percent of the total, a saving of 1.39p. Which means that’s around 683 and a half jars of mustard before I turn a profit. Bargain. Claire



  1. love this spatula! I wonder if it comes in all the yummy le creuset colours – great find!

  2. It looks fab, I’m popping in to buy one tomorrow. Less the £10.00, sounds OK to me!

  3. Almost empty mustard jars – are an excellent start for salad dressing – add oil and vinegar/lemon juice, pepper, perhaps crushed garlic, perhaps honey or sugar, to mustard, shake, taste, adjust and enjoy.

  4. “vinaigrette” – is what I wanted to use, rather than “salad dressing”, living in France and all – but had a senior moment, until I could embrace Google translate!! – all else as posted!!

  5. Can’t believe silicone spatulas has garnered such a response!
    Stephen: Mustard jar for vinaigrette is a great idea – what use for the tale end of Nutella though?
    Trifle & Hippo: women after my own heart.
    Knackered: anytime!


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