Food in 5 – ham and potato salad

Claire suggested the idea of doing food in 5 on Monday in an email, which I have to confess I only skimmed before agreeing it was a great idea. Now under pressure to come up with something that either has five ingredients or takes just five minutes to cook, I admit I am struggling. Does a vodka and tonic count (vodka, tonic, ice, slice and, uh, a glass)? After all, as I limp towards the summer holidays, a liquid diet sounds appealing. But no, Claire chastised, it wouldn’t suffice.
So tee-totallers rejoice – here instead is a ham and potato salad. One without mayonnaise but mustard and butter instead.
For the purposes of this blog it has five ingredients, but it could just as easily have three.

Serves: 4 for light lunch – 2 adults, 2 children
Takes: 5 min prep, 20 mins cooking

20 small new potatoes (or Jersey Royals) – scrubbed and halved

300g shredded ham hock (you can buy this in small packs in most supermarkets chiller sections. I normally use three packs – so don’t get hung up on exact quantities)
a tablespoon of wholegrain mustard
a tablespoon of salted butter – ideally at room temp
200g sweetcorn (small tin) or frozen petit pois cooked
Cook the potatoes in boiling salted water until a fork goes through them easily. Put them, whilst still hot, into a bowl with some butter (there should be enough to coat each potato) and the mustard (if you’re using – young children don’t seem to like it). Add the ham hock and either the peas or the sweetcorn, gently mix up (try not to bash the spuds) and serve straight away – although it is nice cold too.
Sorry for the lack of picture, but my camera is out of battery and I will upload when I find the charger.
Claire says: “It doesn’t have to have 5 ingredients, it’s 5 ingredients or less. That’s what happens when you skim read my emails…”

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