Tzatziki salmon pasta

I wish I could make the picture of this dish look nicer. And to be honest, it wouldn’t be hard. A few slices of cucumber, maybe a wedge of lemon. But, you see, I’m lazy. Which is why I make this dish.
It’s a combination of three ingredients, pasta, some smoked salmon and, surprise surprise! a pot of tzatziki. If you upped the ingredient count to four you could include a squirt of lemon, which it really benefits from, but I’d run out when I made this.
Even without the lemon my kids devour it, and so do I. With some fruit for pud I reckon it’s quite a healthy meal, and with the summer holidays coming up, and the endless lunches and teas they involve, it’s a good option. If you don’t have tzatziki, use Greek yoghurt or creme fraiche for a creamier dish. Claire
Tzatziki salmon pasta
Serves: one adult and two kids
Start to finish: once the pasta has cooked, seconds
200g pasta
100g smoked salmon (I use sustainably sourced Sainsbury smoked salmon trimmings, which cost a £1)
best part of a 170g tub of tzatziki
Squirt of lemon
Some sliced cucumber, to up the vegetable count
Black pepper
Cook the pasta. Drain, reserving a little of the cooking water. Stir in the tzatziki, which forms a sauce with the reserved water. Snip up the salmon, stir the lot. Add a squeeze of lemon and black pepper.
Ta da!

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  1. Now that’s a fine mixture of flavours, but even for me 200g of pasta may just bust my gut, or maybe I’m just getting old…….

  2. Glad you like the combo. I think 200g for one adult and two kids should be fine. 80-100g is usually recommended for one adult, and then I’m allowing a half-portion for each kid. However, I understand that my kids are exceptionally greedy, and not all children are as enthusiastic…

  3. this sounds delicious and now the school holidays are here, a perfect lunch! I have some real mental blocks during long holidays on what to make.

  4. YUM! Such a brilliant idea, oh to be able to buy such cheap smoked salmon. I might have to try it with pauper’s tinned salmon…


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