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I consider myself a bit of a whizz when it comes to making ice lollies, as you can see here, so when someone suggested I try a Zoku lolly maker I got quite excited. It takes around 10 minutes for the whole lolly to freeze, and that means it’s possible to do layered lollies in minutes rather than hours.
What I didn’t realise is that you have to keep quite a hefty machine, similar to an ice cream maker, in your freezer. Also, I feel that maybe my natural affinity to making ice lollies is because they are so damn easy, and that this machine, with its instruction booklet, complicates that. Anyway, I made them (with yoghurt, a mistake as it doesn’t go into the allotted slot smoothly enough) and they were far too big for my little 2 and 4 year olds. And then I realised that actually, what we had here wasn’t an appliance failure, but my kids were just the wrong age for it.
Then, by coincidence, a day later, I met up with two friends and one of them started to sing the praises of her lolly maker. A Zoku. Here’s what she said:
“Last summer I gave my 8 year old daughter a Zoku machine (I really wanted it for myself, but felt less guilty splashing £35 on a lolly maker, loosely disguising it as a birthday present ). £35 seemed like a lot of money to spend on a frozen water machine, but the website looked so inviting and promised to make magical ice lollies in a matter of minutes (no waiting 24 hours for the thing to freeze, by which time the British weather has changed and the mood for ice lollies has past.)
Not only was the Zoku machine the “hit” of last summer (friends flocked to our house having heard of Lottie’s wonder machine) but this year it is STILL causing a stir and we even bought one for my brother to take back to Cape town.
It entertains the kids for hours. Firstly, long discussions take place to decide what flavour lolly needs to be created (you can make plain lollies, diagonally striped lollies with floating fruit, even lollies with an outer shell and a hidden flavour inside).
Once the discussions have finished the serious business of lolly-making can begin. It’s a bit fiddly, but not very messy and the squeals of excitement are funny to observe. My 8 year old and her friends crowd round the machine to fill up layer upon layer of stripy fruit juice (it’s very healthy and you know exactly what goes into the final product.) If you want a hidden centre and and outer shell, you have to use straws to suck up the extra juice, you’ll need to read the instructions, but it’s worth the effort.
The Zoku machine makes 3 great lollies (they can all be different) in just 10 minutes. Although the initial ‘set up cost’ was not cheap Lottie reckons it’s the best birthday present she’s ever had (poor deprived child) and the frozen margherita version I make is pretty damn special too! Can’t wait to see what she’ll make of her bread machine this year… only kidding!” Helen Nathan, creator of Flossie Crums world of magical baking.
Bread machine? Why not try her on a washing machine? This birthday present idea could run and run.
The Zoku machine is on sale here for £34.95 including post and packaging.


  1. I’m so tempted, but am not sure I can justify the cost when jelly moulds are so cheap.

  2. Sold to the woman whose Cornetto habit is getting out of control.

  3. I was lucky enough recently to find a brand new one on sale in my local Sue Ryder shop for £7.50!!! We used it for the first time this week and we LOVE it 😉 Not sure I would have splashed out for a full price one though. Now am fighting the temptation to spend a small fortune on the various “kits” you can buy to make things like faces and shapes.

  4. My kids love lollies too but as they are toddlers the normal sized moulds are too big. Can anyone recommend a popsicle sized mould? Sorta like the size of a ‘milk’ lolly – can you still get those????

  5. Amelia: I know what you mean about spending £35 when the pound shop does lolly molds for, well, a pound. The difference I think is that these are an activity too. It would keep kids busy for ages.
    Knackered: these definitely more slimming than cornetto!
    Sarah: wow! Amazing! LOVE charity shops
    Rosie: They’re all HUGE aren’t they. Ikea do medium-sized ones, but still a bit too big I think. Takes my kids three hours to eat one, by which time it is all over them and the floor…

  6. Nooooooooo . . . . .

    I just have to get one of these and my wife is very strict at enforcing a one in one out policy when it comes to kit.

    PS – top link is for the US site . . . not sure I could persuade one of my business friends to bring one back, but then discovered the UK site . . . phew.


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