Endcliffe Park, Sheffield

by the brilliant blogger Hello, it’s Gemma
Service stations in the UK don’t really cut it. As a stop on a long journey they present uninspiring overpriced food and almost no space for children to stretch their legs before being stuffed back into a full-to-bursting car for the next however-many miles. Veering off route towards unfamiliar cities presents a gamble, a confusion of one way systems and unfamiliar landscape. Where to start finding space and good food?
Should your route take you via South Yorkshire on the M1.  Consider a stop in Sheffield. Leave the motorway behind and enjoy some time with the locals. There is a gem not far from the A61 ring road. Just off the A625, one of the main roads through the city. Endcliffe Park has plenty of local parking and is a great space to stop for an hour or more. Sheffield is very proud of it’s open spaces and parks, and this one has all the elements of a great park. Victorian in origin, it has ponds, streams and wooded areas to explore.  An excellent and recently designed children’s play area but particularly it has a quality cafe.
Bang in the middle of the park it sells reliable cafe staples. Fair-trade coffees and teas.  Beans on toast (thick toast not weedy sliced bread). Locally sourced sausages.  Homemade burgers or pies. Big bowls of chips. Sandwiches made with fresh thick bread; reliable faves likes tuna mayo. Jacket potatoes. The sort of menu you can’t go wrong with with something to please everyone. I don’t eat meat and there are always good vegetarian alternatives.  The prices are reasonable, children’s menu is served up at £3.00 all with a choice of jacket potato or chips, peas or Heinz beans.  Or kids sandwiches at £1.50. It’s straightforward food made fresh and served by friendly staff in a family friendly environment. The stack of highchairs runs into double figures. There’s a box of children’s books to browse and a microwave you can use for baby food.
Should you want something different try the specials board with fresh salads; roast sweet potato, tofu and sweet chilli with mixed leaves and a rustic roll (tempting).   Or mains, the day I was visited recently delights on offer included;
Pan fried trout served with saute potatoes, mixed leaves and chilli and mango salsa.
Local Farm pulled pork in BBQ sauce and coleslaw sandwich served with cajan chips.
All priced at a bargain £6. 
Cakes come in large slices; brownies and flapjacks but save a space for a Bradwells Ice Cream it’s locally made in the Peak District and when the weather is right, even when it’s wrong, Endcliffe Park cafe sells it by the bucket load. Nothing like a community endorsement.  Stop by and enjoy and award winning local cafe. Pop S11 7AB in the Sat Nav and Bob’s your uncle.


  1. we’re always up and down the M1 to my parents outside Leeds – thanks for this suggestion :-)


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