Macaroni cheese and the November blues.

It’s the end of November. The sky looks green, full of water. Winter has only just begun. It’s the perfect excuse for macaroni cheese. Warming, delicious macaroni cheese. Actually, maybe winter is worth it if the pay off is macaroni cheese?


  1. Cute vid, delish mac ‘n cheese. Winning combo all ’round, I reckon!

  2. Oh yum that looks so good. My youngest son is a cheese-hater, unfortunately, but he loves bacon so maybe I can win him over with this.

  3. can’t get my boy to eat mac cheese however I cook it, but I still try. the daughter loves it though. Nigella says that in one of her books – think it’s domestic goddess by the recipe for Norwegian cinammon buns – that the compensation for living in a northern climate is the opportunity for comfort food (or something like that)

  4. Mac cheese is the Bush Babies FAVOURITE food of all time. In fact having watched this I’m going to make it right now.. LOVE this.

    BM x


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