Guacamole and make overs

So, notice anything different? *Blushes and sits on hands*. We’ve had a make over!

We loved our old Crumbs blog, which took me a day to create, back in the mists of time – actually three and a half years ago, crikey! But it was time to get something a bit smarter, a bit slicker, a bit more professional-looking. To match the professionalism and smartness which is such a big part of our online persona [ha ha, ouch].

The lovely geekfairy did it for us, and I’d recommend her for all your blogging needs. Do you know the bit I like most? The cartoon of me and Lucy up the top. From now on age shall not weary us, sleepless nights (still? they are 4 and 6 for goodness sake!) shall not condemn us to looking tired and haggard. The cartoon is an image which is used throughout our cookbook (on sale in September, people!) and which I’d like to just cut out and wear over my face all the time. 

On a completely different note, although could be slightly related, as avocado is meant to be very good for your skin, lots of vitamin E, here is a film of us in Lucy’s kitchen making guacamole and quesadillas. Pretty much my favourite food at the moment, particularly as they are easily made sans kitchen. In fact, even writing about it now is making me hungry. Hope you enjoy!




  1. Love the New Look and will certainly give your take on guacamole a try. You continue to Rock!! xx

    • Thank you…. and you rock too, Sir.

  2. Looks fab – love it very much. Though I loved your old one too. x

    • Thanks Holly. We love having cartoons. This way we will NEVER age!

  3. Great-looking guacamole. I am a huge quesadilla fan too – my lunch most days actually! I love them with cheddar, ham and caramelised onion chutney (not very Mexican but hey-ho!). My toddler loves them too without the chutney. Also do a tuna melt style one sometimes. Yum!

    • I love guacamole. The ultimate fast food.


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