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fridgeWe have a new fridge. I know…. Stop the clock. Our old one broke and the household is now abuzz with the delights of the new model. It has a magnetic door! A chilled water dispenser! An ice maker! I am not sure how we lived without these things before. But most importantly it is much bigger than the old fridge, which was bought when we had little babies who didn’t eat that much. We now have a permanently hungry 8-year-old and a 6-year old who is not far behind (Some times I wonder if they have worms.) and found the old fridge was just too small for a family of four. Everything was stuffed in higgledypiggeldy, it was like a cave because the light was blocked out and you practically had to send search parties in to find a packet of bacon.

I really wanted to buy one of these French antique ones, but didn’t because they cost thousands and regardless, it wouldn’t have fitted the rather odd-sized gap the old fridge left. So I got one of these instead. It is quite square, very shiny and capable-looking. An Alan Titchmarsh of a fridge.

The old fridge stopped chilling things. So ended up just being a bit like a cupboard, that dripped water and smelt REALLY bad. Nothing was salvageable and I had to throw out the entire contents. Not just the mouldy lettuces and liquefied tomatoes lurking at the bottom, but all the jars of chutney, pesto and lime pickle that we had accumulated over the last few years. There were hundreds of them. Perhaps they were breeding. 

Decluttering it was completely cathartic and now it feel as if I am starting with a blank canvas and this time it will be different. Food won’t just be shoved in at random but there will be a shelf for meat, a compartment for dairy and fruit and vegetables will be kept in separate climatically-controlled drawers. Oh yes.

But at the moment, as you can see, bar Wyborowa vodka, Dijon mustard, and exceedingly posh maple syrup (I’d like to see Ready Steady Cook come up with a recipe for those three) it is alarmingly bare. I certainly wouldn’t do well in one of those what’s in your fridge magazine features. But I am almost frightened to ruin the perfection and fleeting feeling of domesticity by filling it with food. I have high hopes for this fridge, so any refrigeration organisation tips you have would be much appreciated. And what are your fridge essentials? Let me know, before I go shopping.

PS This is fun… what does your fridge say about you art project.

PPS thank you to for the beautiful picture on the home page. We can only dream of a fridge like this.

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  1. We got a new fridge recently that was much bigger than our old one and I don’t want to disappoint you but I have discovered that however big your fridge and however organised you want it to be, it will end up just as full as the old one and be just as good at hiding things until they are just a little bit too far gone to eat!


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