Cherry, cherry baby

IMG_0953-225x300Cherry stoner. What a lovely phrase. Is it a) a medieval fruit-propelling catapult? b) someone who gets high on cherries? or c) a gadget that no kitchen should be with out? The answer is c, although b sounds like fun too!

Stay with me…. I am a gadget lover, but I am also a ruthless thrower outer, a decluttering Queen. No gizmo that doesn’t pass the muster lasts long in my kitchen drawers. But this stoner – which takes the stones out of your cherries quickly and perfectly is extremely handy if you have a lot of cherries to get through, for  baking a cherry pie or clafoutis, say, and don’t fancy cracking any teeth on errant stones.


I have a cherry tree and so bought my cherry stoner when I was fed up of massacring beautiful fresh cherries, when cutting them in half to de-stone them. It takes about 3 seconds per cherry and if you get the angle right, removes the cherry‘s stone with almost surgical precision.  I know you can only use it for about one week of the year, but Nigella swears by hers, they only cost abut £2 and take up no room at all. If you want to see one in action took a look here at this film we made for our YouTube channel. It is part of a new series, dubbed tired and tested – testing gadgets so you don’t have to. Night night. xx



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