Fried gnocchi with chorizo

photo-10On Armistice Day my eldest woke me at 5 in the morning because she wanted to see the Remembrance poppies at the Tower of London. It was the final day the poppies would be there and as she was so keen to see them – and tbh so was I – we woke my youngest, they both slipped on their one-sies, me my tracksuit and we were in the car by 6AM! I know, crazy. When we arrived, there was hardly anyone there, the sun was rising over the Thames and its beauty rendered even my noisy pair  uncharacteristically speechless. All those poppies. 888, 246 of them. All those lives. We walked around the moat amongst the joggers, commuters and other early bird tourists and despite the bleary-eyes and the lack of coffee (me), we were glad we’d gone.

But, after a day at work and school, come tea time, we were all tired and in need of carbs, but not a trip to the shops. The cupboard was empty bar some gnocchi and half a chorizo. So, I sliced the sausage and slow-fried it in olive oil, until it was red and the meat crispy. Then – controversially – instead of boiling the gnocchi, I fried them in the garlicky, oil until they were crispy and brown on the outside, but soft within. It’s a completely different dish to boiling them. Equally lovely, especially with a bit of basil and grated Parmesan thrown on. Like a squidgy mini roastie with none of the peeling or the waiting.

 I am smitten. I love finding new ways to eat old favourites.

For two you will need five minutes and…

Pack of gnocchi

Few slices of chorizo

Olive oil for frying

Parmesan – grated


In a heavy-bottomed frying pan, heat some olive oil. When hot, fry the chorizo until crispy, then throw in the gnocchi. It will take about 4 m (stir occasionally) to go crispy – depending on the gnocchi size. Pour – juices and all – onto a plate. Grate some Parmesan. Tear some basil. Eat.


  1. What a fun thing to do with your children.

    This recipe is just what I was looking for. I have both a packet of gnocchi and chorizo.

    I also have a terrible cold and it looks very comforting.

    • Poor you! Stick a bit of chilli in to – may help battle those germs. x

    • That gnocci has got your name on it!


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