Hold on to your hats: meal-planning!

When I got pregnant eight years ago, I knew things were going to get exciting. New lives starting, old life-styles ending, nappy skills improving, sleep deteriorating. But never in my wildest dreams did I imagine THIS! Meal-planning. In fact dedicating part of my evening to it, once a week. I’ve improved. I used to spend hours on it, when I was at home pretty much all the time with two young kids. I used to give my brain a  workout planning lunch, tea and dinner. Now I just do kid’s tea and our dinner, as school takes care of them at lunchtime and Pret takes care of me. It’s much simpler. 

My top tips are to download a planner like this to focus your mind and use a pencil as the chances are there will be a lot of rubbing out. For more words of wisdom, click through to our YouTube channel, and if you’ve got any tips, please do leave below. The idea is that this video log (or vlog) is kicking off a weekly slot (on Mondays), where we talk about our week ahead and what we’re going to cook. 
Here’s how my week is looking so far:
Monday: [Soup] roasted cauliflower soup (delicious! I plan on developing my own asap! since discovering roasted cauliflower, it has become one of my favourite vegetables).
Tuesday:[Fish] mackerel pate and flat bread
Wednesday: [Veggie] kids go swimming and have falafel at local cafe, Liam and I go vegetarian: spiced carrot fritters
Thursday: [Pasta] Puttanesca
Friday: I’m out, so Liam gets the cabbage!


  1. I love the idea of having each night ‘themed’. Inspired!

    • Why thank you! I’m particularly proud of that stroke of genius too! Makes life much easier, and obviously you can always break out of the mould or change it, if you want to. x

  2. I have a chalk board in my kitchen and every sunday afternoon (if possible!), I coordinate my weekly meal plan with my shopping list. This way I am checking my fridge, veggie basket etc at the same time to ensure things get used up for meals that week.

  3. Meal planning is the way forward! I’ve been doing it for a while now and this month I am even trying a whole month, yes, you heard right, a month! One big delivery form Waitrose of tins etc then fill in shops from Aldi (mainly a budget compromise with hubb so that I get nice waitrose stuff but don’t spend so much.) so far so good but we shall see. If definatly helps me with budget and not having nights when we end up eating rubbish because we’ve run out of everything,
    Good luck!

  4. I am in awe. I had to chuckle when you said…..”you lucky people” referencing your sharing your secrets on meal planning. Would love to watch more of your video’s. And indeed, we are blessed to have access to your ideas on meal planning. Thanks!

    • I was being sarcastic!! Thank you! It is a journey for me, if not for Claire. Three days in and I’ve not quite stuck to it yet, but am thinking about what I cook a lot more, and that is half the battle! x


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