Mothering Sunday

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When I made this video on how to celebrate Mother’s Day, I truly, truly planned to ask my mum over for afternoon tea, so we could celebrate in style – mother and grandmother with my children, her grandchildren as we did last year. But – whoopsadaisy – I got my dates muddled and asked my friend Nancy over for lunch instead. Nancy is a mum too (her youngest was born 6 months ago, her elder two are identical in age to my girls) so we will be celebrating our collective brilliance – whilst ignoring that of our own mothers – over Sunday lunch. So, if you’re reading this Mum, apologies, but I think Claire has plans for you next Sunday instead!

In an ideal world, this is my Mother’s Day celebration of choice. I am big fan of afternoon tea and this one is very child-friendly meaning that your sprogs should be able to prepare it with only minimum supervision. Afternoon tea is much better than breakfast in bed, which let’s face it is never as fun as it sounds. Something to do with the crumbs, I believe. 

PS The gorgeous photo of my little girl on the front was taken two Mother’s Days ago. How time flies. xx

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