Laughing at my own jokes + picnic tips and tricks

I’ve just finisPicnic Tips and Tricks 3 Textedhed watching our latest vid on tips and tricks for picnics. And I’ve got to be honest, it made me laugh. Tragic, I know, to be laughing at your own jokes, but no-one gets my jokes as much as me. I cannot tell you how many hours I’ve spent re-reading the blog, laughing at jokes I’d forgotten I’d made, thinking “Yes! She really gets it!” And then remembering the reason I get it, and know exactly what I’m thinking is that I’m me, so privvy to all my thoughts.
Despite not being privvy to all my thoughts, I even think Lucy can be quite funny sometimes.
Anyway. Enough self-congratulation. (Yes, that entire paragraph was just self-congratulation, it wasn’t leading anywhere). And on to picnics. It’s June and already 30% of our meals are eaten outside. Picnics used to be checkered rugs, chilled white wine and a variety of antipasti. It was a chance to enjoy the sunshine. Now it’s a chance to avoid crumbs on the floor and minimising washing up.
To make sure no picnic opportunity is lost, we’ve got our five top tips. They’re good. They’re very good. No picnic is complete without them. You know that great picnic you had last week? It would have been better if you’d followed our tips. Honest. 
Because I’m at work I can’t really write them all out for your delectation, so I urge you to go to our YouTube channel and check them out (unless you too are at work, and then wait til later). Inspirational. Really.

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