Lizi’s Granola – an announcement

I don’t know when I will write my opus, my Pulitzer-prize winning book, or esteemed and peer reviewed dissertation, but one thing I do know is that it will be all about oats. An unusual main character, you say? I disagree.
Since having children, oats in all their form have become the nutritional epicentre of our day. We know oats are a great way to start the day, they keep you slim and healthy, they give a slow release of energy which
keeps you going for longer. And for these reasons I feel duty bound to feed them to myself and the kids in the morning. But it’s not always easy.
Like any passionate relationship, there have been highs and lows. The realisation that I hate porridge was tough, but the discovery  that my kids would do anything (for a brief time only, sadly) for chocolate porridge was a real high.
Our relationship with oats is fast moving and ever changing. I think about oats more than I should. So imagine my surprise/joy when the people who make my favourite granola – Lizi’s – asked if we wanted to work with them.
A new way to get involved with oats? Um, yes please. Up until that point granola was a rare treat. Then they sent us two huge boxes of the stuff. We have had passion fruit and pistachio for breakfast, mango and macadamia for lunch, the Belgian chocolate for pudding. And we can report back – it is very, very good. 
So, it’s with real excitement that we announce a Crumbs/Lizi’s collaboration, where we create delicious recipes using their granola, and blog about it here and on their blog. It feels like a match made in heaven. We even have exciting plans to host twitter parties plus make a YouTube film about it. So suddenly, I see oats as not just the star of my Pulitzer prized novel, but also my multi-Oscar award winning film. See, oats. More exciting than you thought. 
Claire xx

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