Claire meets Ella

Crumbs Meets Deliciously Ella- CrumbsI’m not a jealous person. I am happy for my friends when they get pay rises, their kids do better than mine, they look brown and well rested after their holiday, while I just look sun burnt and frazzled. So, when I got the chance to interview Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella fame, through the wonderful Britmums Live conference last month, it felt like a fun opportunity. 
She is the Queen of Clean Eating, has a column in the Telegraph, has written the fastest selling debut cookbook ever, and is beautiful.
What’s not to like? 
Anyway, whenever I told friends I was meeting her, they said things like “Urgh” and “She’s 23 and so successful!” and “Isn’t life too short to milk an almond?” (In fact if you watch the video you will see even Ella agrees with that, when she doesn’t have time to milk almonds she milks oats instead).
So although I wanted to be happy for this 23 year old’s success (btw she’s also a Sainsbury heiress), her fresh faced gorgeousness, and general glossy demeanour, I thought there was a small chance that I might not be. 
Happily that was not the case. Mainly because she was lovely; easy going, chatty, down to earth, it was really lovely speaking to her. Take a look at the video and see what you  think.  

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