Summer holiday craft ideas

summer holiday craftsIt’s the eve of a new era. Are you ready?
One where routine is out the window, where screams to put shoes on are a dim memory, and one sunlit day floods timelessly into the next, enveloping us all in a warm blur. Well, that’s the plan.
Summer holidays used to scare me. Day after day with no childcare and one hyperactive child, the other slothful, seemed endless, but not in a good way. However, now they are that much older (5 and 7) suddenly six weeks looking after them doesn’t feel quite as daunting. That plus the fact that I work three days a week in an office, so Uncle Brendan has to entertain them (ha! ha! ha!).
Both me and Mr McD will be working for much of the holidays, so there are no month-long jaunts around Europe, which would be the dream. Instead we’ve got two weeks in the New Forest planned, at the end of August, where Lucy and her kids will join us for a bit. Until then it’s just kicking about at home, going to the park and hanging out with granny. But as an alternative I think staying at home and turning on the sprinkler is pretty cool. It’s what we did as kids and we loved it. It’s a time to unwind, reconnect and relax, where less is more. 
Having said that, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Just in case. There’s only so much time the kids will spend in the paddling pool. To that end we have collaborated with the BRILLIANT Maggy from Red Ted Art to come up with some great ideas on how to get kids crafting with just the bits and pieces you’ll find around the house. We did a video here with three great crafting ideas to do in the garden or the park. And another video here with great ideas for rainy day crafts – plus a brilliant way to use up last years loom bands! These are ideas for people who might not see themselves as particularly crafty, it’s entry level craft – which as you can see from the videos is just what we needed.
So, friends. The time is nearly upon us. Take a deep breath and relaaaaaax.



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