Surviving the summer holidays

A month ago (doesn’t time fly?) I went to the brilliant Britmums Live! event to interview Deliciously Ella and arm myself with some great ideas on how to survive the summer holidays. Because where better than the beating heart of mummy bloggers to find some clever ideas to keep the kids busy? I interviewed some brilliant mummy bloggers and got some real pearls of wisdom in this video, most of which cost very little to do.
Vanessa from the brilliantly named Lady Sew and Sew gave me some great and simple ideas to do with my two boys (I think they’d be up for making the gorgeous fabric flowers which she talks about here). 
The lovely My Two Mums told me about their brilliant game which means rainy days hold no fear for them. They have a great YouTube channel too. Gorgeous Helen from KiddyCharts had the lovely idea of just heading to the nearest city in the summer and making the most of the parks, fountains and amenities, all of which hold the thrill of the new for children not used to them.
Karin from the brilliant Embrace Happy suggested pegging up a blanket tent in the garden to make the kids a den – I love this idea and have done it myself several times since. Becky, food blogger extraordinaire at English Mum suggests the most delicious and probably easiest banana lollies you’ll ever come across. And the lovely Kate from the brilliantly named Wit Wit Woo waxes lyrical about the joy of piers and why they are a great alternative to spending a fortune at expensive theme parks. Check out her wonderful YouTube channel here
I hope this film is helpful and if you have any other good ideas, please just put them in the comments, or tweet/FB us! Thank you!

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