Granola Muffins

20150903_143628So. It has started. The new regime. And tbh, I’m impressed with myself. We’re only on day two, but so far it has been a resounding success. What am I so heartily patting myself on the back for? Getting up at 7am. I know this is not big news for most people, but because of the slovenly nature of this set of the McDonalds (Lucy’s side is much more morning-loving) we generally don’t get up until 8ish, which is fine, as school is a hop away, and I can cycle to work before 9.30. But it does mean we don’t get much done before we go off to our respective places of work. 
Then last week I heard on the radio that it was really good for children to have a long walk to school, or do exercise before school. I have two boys who find it hard to focus at school, and further researching showed it might help with this too. So here we are. Up at 7, in a mix of pjs and tracksuits, jogging to the park. 
For people who know me well, this will be a revelation. Slothful, anti-exercise and queen of the sleep button, I feel these 7am rises are a sign of what I will sacrifice in the love of my children. For many other people it’s just a normal Monday morning. 
The upside of this massive personality shift is that a) the kids seem to love it. b) we have more time in the mornings, and c) we get to eat more. 
Yes, a bowl of hearty porridge isn’t enough after all this exercise. By 10am we’re ravenous again. Which is when these granola muffins come in. We’ve used Lizi’s Granola (obv) and this blog and the brilliant video we’ve made here is the second part of our collaboration. Full of seasonal goodness (use plums, use pears, whatever there is an abundance of, frozen berries in the winter) they are quick to make and freeze brilliantly. A batch made on Sunday night and put in the freezer work as a mid-morning snack or as breakfast on the hoof. The granola adds a delicious crunch, plus the oats are slow release energy.
Anyone got any similarly impressive new school year regimes? Then please feel free to brag about it to us in the comments. We promise to be suitably impressed!
Granola Muffins
Makes 12 small or 8 large American-style muffins
Start to finish: 10 mins prep, 20-30 minutes in the oven
100g melted unsalted butter
125ml milk
1 large egg
125g plain flour
100g wholegrain spelt flour
2 tsp baking powder
half tsp bicarbonate of soda
half tsp cinnamon
80g caster sugar
pinch of salt
110g blackberries
1 apple, chopped
2 handfuls of Lizi’s Original Granola
Preheat the oven to 170 degrees C fan.
Put paper muffin cases in a muffin tin.
Put the milk in a jug and crack the egg in. Give it a stir with a fork. Add the melted (slightly cooled) butter.

Weigh out the flours, baking powder. bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon, sugar and  salt in a large bowl. Give it a stir to make sure the raising agents are mixed in evenly.

Make a well in the centre. Pour in the milk, egg and butter mixture.

Stir until completely mixed, and there are no pockets of dry flour. But don’t over stir, unlike cake batter you’re not trying to get air in there. Once it’s smooth fold in the fruit and granola.

Spoon into paper cases, scatter with more granola and bake for 20 minutes for small ones, 30 minutes for big ones. They should be golden brown and a skewer should come out clean.

Let them cool on a wire rack.

*Disclosure: we made these recipes with Lizi’s Granola because we love it! This is actually a mutual adoration project (Lizi’s like us too!) and because of this we work together regularly. 

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