Parenting lows…

20151001_091541Last week our children were asked to dress up like ancient Greeks at school. I’m not a great one for dressing up, and the thought of one of my sheets being traipsed around school all day didn’t appeal. Plus none of our sheets are white and they are all fitted, so I thought they would look rather odd. So I didn’t bother.
Then I took son #2 into his classroom and wished that I had. There was not a child unsheeted in the whole classroom. One of Rufus’ friends took pity on him and gave him his body armour (thank you Callum!). I hadn’t completely neglected my parenting duties, I had attempted to make a wreath from some laurel in our garden before breakfast, but as the picture illustrates (in all its glory) this hadn’t gone so well. 
In fact, before I realised that everyone was wearing a toga, I had discarded the wreath outside the classroom door, embarrassed by my crafting skills. But the toga revelation had me running back for it, using it to crown my 8 year old. This photo is taken in the three seconds before it pinged undone. This is the high point of the outfit. Afterwards it was just three branches which I tucked into his breastplate whilst whispering “I’m so sorry darling” and scuttling out of the classroom. 
I felt totally embarrassed by my parenting skills. This was worse than the time I had dressed his brother up as an Enderman by putting a cardboard box on his head and covering the eye slots with pink tissue paper. We discovered tissue paper isn’t see-through as he hobbled to school, doing pigeon steps, with his arms outstretched. I guided him, so he wasn’t going to fall over. Well, not until I left school at five past nine…
Anyway, I feel like I need to rectify my ‘mum’ status, even if only to myself. So rather than do what I normally try and do at Halloween, which is go savoury so there aren’t too many sweets, I’m going to go with the flow. I’m going to make these babies for the school cake sale – whilst saving a few for us. 
Fancy sharing any of your parenting lows? I need company. xx




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