Snowman – in a jar!

Your first response could well be ‘Why?’ and I wouldn’t judge you for it. Why imprison a snowman in a glass jar (and that’s after you’ve impaled him on a cocktail stick)? The answer is: because it’s Christmas. That’s the reason we do all sorts of ridiculous things. I have spent more time than is healthy down the sweets aisle of the supermarket in the quest to make this, and typically that’s somewhere I never go. But the kids saw this on Pinterest here (the 6 year old boy frequently sighs ‘I love Pinterest’) and were smitten.
It’s super-easy to make, quite a lot of fun, especially if you start to give your snowmen facial expressions. Watch our video to see the travesty that Lucy created, in the name of snow woman.
The idea is that the snow on the base is actually cocoa so you just pour hot milk into the jar, give it a stir/shake and dip the marshmallow snowman in, for a deluxe novelty hot chocolate. I could suggest you make this for friends’ kids  as presents but the reality is that they are not very transportable, as the cocoa flies about. It’s more a fun Christmas activity in the same vein as our marzipan fruit here. 
Here are the instructions:
Snowman in a jar!

Makes: 1
2 tsp cocoa powder
3 white marshmallows
1 cocktail stick
black writing icing
1 large chocolate button
1 Rolo
1 red bootlace 
1 jar
Put the cocoa in the jam jar.
Impale three marshmallows on the cocktail stick. Don’t go through the final marshmallow as that needs to be a flat base so the snowman can stand up in the jar. 
Glue the chocolate button to the Rolo with the icing, to form a hat, and then again using the icing, stick the hat to the top of the snowman’s head. Wrap the red bootlace around the neck as a scarf. 
Use the black icing to make buttons on the chest and draw a face on the top marshmallow. Drop the snowman into the jar and screw on the lid.



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