Two ways with sprouts

Sprouts – you either love them or hate them and although I started out as one of the latter I have ended up as one of the former, so it just goes to show in the life anything can happen.

This year Claire and I set ourselves a challenge to come up with a new way to eat Brussels Sprouts. She made a delicious raw sprout, pomegranate, Parmesan and almond salad that is one of the best things she has made me. Ever. Whilst I pureed some sprouts with cream and Parmesan cheese and baked in the oven au gratin. This is great for Christmas day as you can do it before and just reheat it or m left-over sprouts. Being massively competitive sisters, we have decided to turn it into a competition – we made a film about it here – so please vote for your favourite in the comments below.

 Sprout puree

Takes: 10m

Serves: 4 as a side dish

500g brussels sprouts, trimmed

40g butter

60g grated Parmesan cheese



Bring a large pot of well-salted water to a boil, and cook the sprouts in it until just tender. I actually used ready sliced sprouts because I am extremely lazy. Drain then tip into the bowl of a food processor along with the butter and most of the cheese, reserving a handful for the top. Pulse until you have a rough, creamy purée.

Spoon into an oven-proof dish and either sprinkle on the Parmesan and eat straight away or pop in the oven until the cheese melts.

Raw sprout salad

Takes: 15 m

Serves: 6-8 depending on size of appetite and love of sprouts 

1 kg Brussels sprouts

50g grated Parmesan

140g whole almonds

a sprig of rosemary, leaves finely chopped

1 tbsp olive oil

1 tsp muscovado sugar

salt and pepper

1 pomegranate

For the dressing:

6 tbsp olive oil

6 tbsp cider vinegar

2 tbsp Dijon mustard

3 tbsp maple syrup

2 minced garlic cloves

1/2 tsp salt

Cut off the sprout bottoms and discard outer leaves, if brown/ yellow. Shred in a food processor and then put in a large salad bowl. Add the grated Parmesan.

Put an empty frying pan over a medium heat, get it warm and then dry toast the almonds for 3 minutes, giving the occasional shake.

While they’re toasting, stir together the tbsp of olive oil, rosemary, sugar, salt and pepper. Take almonds off heat, pour mix into pan and toss until almonds are coated.

Cut the pomegranate in half and bash both halves with a wooden spoon over a bowl, to get the seeds out.

The dressing: whisk together the olive oil, vinegar, mustard, maple syrup, garlic and salt.

Toss the sprouts with the dressing, almonds and pomegranate.



  1. I absolutely love sprouts. I’m trying both of the new recipes asap. Not a big fan of the the pomegranate so might swap in dried cranberries. Will let you know how it goes!

    • Cranberries is a great idea – we’d love to know how you get on!


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