Forget dieting – drink green tea.


I love green tea and no more so than at this time of year when my body has taken a battering from eating too many Quality Streets and drinking too much Prosecco.  It’s my morning after detox to seasonal excesses and a couple of cups a day makes me feel more at peace with the world. 

Some research suggests green tea is really good for you as it contains lots of antioxidants whilst other studies say it helps you lose weight as it speeds up your metabolism. Whilst the science behind the last one is mixed, personally speaking whenever I put on a few pounds and wonder why, it normally coincides with me forgetting to have my daily green tea dose. So this new year, one of my resolutions (actually I don’t have many as it is too depressing when I break them all two weeks later – but the general theme is to slow down a bit and be healthier) is to drink more green tea in the hope it will make me a happier, calmer, less pot-bellied person.

I buy my green tea, loose in pretty little pots, from my friend Kiyomi who is a great advert for its benefits being both serene and beautiful. She supplies some of west London’s swankier tea shops with her own brand, imported from her native Japan, but you can buy it here.


  1. Which blend would you recommend? xx

    • I always go original.


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