Sophia’s DIY edible slime recipe – great children’s activity

My seven year old is obsessed with slime. I mean obsessed. She wakes up talking about it, goes to bed thinking about it and all her pocket money goes not on toys, apps or sweets but slime-making ingredients. I am not sure why she loves it so much but YouTube has been the portal – it is awash with slime videos.

Slime is as it sounds. Unctuous potions made out of household goods – mostly the non-toxic stuff you find in the bathroom or kitchen cupboard. For Christmas Sophia asked for borax (as any one who watches YouTube slime videos will know this US detergent gives slime a good consistency. It is a fine white powder and I was slightly worried what UK customs would think after importing a kilo from the US vie eBay), 10 bottles of clear glue, a hotchpotch of shampoos, shower gels, some liquid starch, a bottle of vegetable oil, gel food colouring plus various vessels to make slime in. 

As hobbies go, it is undeniably better than watching Nickelodeon all day and if I was doing slime’s PR, I would label it science of sorts. Scales are used, measurements adjusted and Sophia experiments with consistency, malleability (her word not mine – see YouTube can be educational!) and colour until I insist she puts it away and does something less messy instead.  There is a march of slimy thumb prints all over the house meaning I had to impose some rules…. only two pots on the go at any time, all slime-making to be done on trays and at the kitchen table. Otherwise I find little pots in various states of decay in her bed, by the loo, in the sitting room, in the freezer. See I told you it is a proper obsession. 

As well as making slime of the non-edible variety, she has moved on to slime you can eat. Here is her very own recipe for DIY edible, glitter slime. It contains A LOT of golden syrup, some edible glitter, a sugar solution and some oil which stops it sticking and allows it to be rolled up in perfect bite-sized little balls. She has begged me for months to make a slime video for YouTube and last week I finally relented, but despite filming herself at the kitchen table most nights after school to cameras real and imaginary – she became uncharacteristically shy when we did it for real. Sweet. And I don’t just mean the slime.

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