Meals in 5 minutes – banana ice cream

When we started this blog (five years ago!) it was with one aim in mind. To discover fast recipes which were delicious, healthy and easy. If there is one recipe which typifies this remit it is this banana ice cream recipe. Is something with one ingredient a recipe? I’m not sure. What I do know is that it’s amazing. My kids love it. They actually think I am some kind of witch, able to create loveliness out of almost nothing.
Intrigued? You should be. This is so nice you could serve it at a dinner party, maybe alongside a salted caramel brownie.
I recommend watching the video (which is also an introduction to our new Five Minute Menu series) to see how easy it is. But for a description…
One ingredient banana ice cream
Serves: 2
2 bananas
If like me you generally have a stash of half eaten bananas in the freezer, leftover from breakfast etc, you can just use them. To give your food processor (or blender) an easier ride, peel them and slice them into 1cm wide coins before freezing in a freezer bag. Freeze for an hour or more. Place in food processor and whizz until creamy.
That’s it. Really. If you want to get fancy pants, add Nutella, cocoa powder or peanut butter. But really, it doesn’t need it. Because the magic of this recipe is that unlike most foods, banana gets more flavoursome, more banana-y once frozen. Serve in cone or dollop in a bowl. Either way your kids will love you a little bit more.

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