Mini cheddars – not the snack, but a car game

Mini cheddar

We’ve all been there – the interminable car journey. The Friday night traffic on the M25. The whining children. The spilt drinks. The sticky seats. The barking dog. The husband who refuses to ask for directions. The endless games of I-spy. We’ve never had DVDs or TVs in the car as in our over-stimulated world, I think a good dose of boredom now and then is a good thing, but sometimes when we have exhausted our limited repertoire of games and audiobooks, I sometimes turn up the music, to zone out the bickering.

My friend, Victoria, introduced me to a fabulous new car game at the weekend, which made a car journey back from Norfolk fly by.

It is called Mini Cheddar and is suitable for anyone from 4 – 80. Very simply, every time you see a Mini you shout “MINI!” and every time you see a yellow car you shout “CHEDDAR”. The jackpot is obviously spotting a yellow Mini, when you shout “MINI CHEDDAR.” Very loudly. It’s brilliant fun. Trust me. Although the fact that I’m the only one in my family to spot one so far may mean I am biased. I am still riding high – albeit hoarse-throated – from the thrill.

With the Easter holidays upon us, how do you pass the time on long car journeys? Have you ever played Mini Cheddar? We have a great selection of on-the-go recipes here – perfect for long journeys and away days.

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