Crumbs – In Our Space

Ladies, gentlemen. What can we say, except here we are. In beautiful technicolour. As you’ve never seen us before.
This is a video made by a lovely friend of ours, Shelly, who is truly gifted when it comes to having an eye for gorgeousness. Not us. But check out my house! It’s never looked so lush. And all that pastry rolling. Watch this film and I reckon you too will want to start rolling out pastry, pretty much non-stop. Sadly Shelly couldn’t sort out my fringe, but there are limits, even for miracle workers like her. 
This is a film she made of us, which is part of a series she’s made of people, in their own spaces, talking about what they do. Lucy and I talk about our digital capers and online scrapes, but basically we’re just backdrop to Polly, Lucy’s dog. More teddy bear than dog, if we’re honest. Have a look and see what you think. For more loveliness, check out Shelly’s website here


  1. You’ve lost your star billing. The dog! What kind of oodle is it?

    • Cavapoo. I know. I’m thinking I need to get a perm or something. xx


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