The Waffle Odyssey


I’ve been meaning to put up this blog about our amazing Easter holiday in the campervan, which was contrived almost entirely through recommendations from our lovely Facebook Friends.  We leisurely (very leisurely, I think we averaged 45mph) crossed parts of France, Belgium and Holland. We ended up at Duinrell which my kids still sob about every night. “When can we go back there?!” they wail. Still overwhelmed by the fact that our campsite was a real live Amusement Park, and because once you’ve paid to enter (about 40 euros a night) everything was FREE. So rather than Daddy saying yes to everything, with Mummy swiftly coming in and saying, actually Daddy meant no, which is what usually happens, they could actually go on whatever they wanted. Five goes in the Dodgems on the trot? Fine. The Ferris Wheel til we all feel sick? Sure! And then there were the 11 water slides and large indoor water complex…they were in heaven. My kids thank you, Facebook Friends, from the bottom of their hearts!
Then we scooted to Amsterdam, stayed in an AirBnB and enjoyed some of the pleasures it has to offer; pancakes, tandems, large parks with climable trees and Chocomel – possibly the most delicious chocolate drink the world has invented. 
We also went to Hoge Veluwe, also as recommended on Facebook, and it was idyllic. 1,500 white bikes dotted around a national park, so you can pick them up and drop them off wherever you want, free of charge. They all had little kids’ seats on front and back, plus there were loads of children’s bikes too. In the centre of the park there is an art gallery with the world’s second biggest exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh, which as you can imagine, the kids loved (ha!) and they allowed us a couple of minutes to enjoy it too. 
Then home, thanking the good Lord for the flatness of Holland, but cursing the occasional gentle, but long inclines you get in Belgium, which made the camper sputter down to 30mph. 
Luckily the slow and scary car journeys of Belgium were relieved by the discovery of waffles. In fact waffles meant many scary situations were diverted. Kids going mental? If you don’t stop acting like that you won’t get a waffle! Cue immediate good behaviour. Stop kicking your brother or you won’t get a waffle!
In fact, the almost miraculous impact of waffles meant we were all eager to continue having them here. When we got home the kids actually pooled their money together and realised they could afford to buy a cheap waffle grid themselves. However, to their disgust, all the cheap ones are heart shaped, and that’s not ideal, when you’re a boy.
However, then, just to prove there is a god, Cuisinart UK got in touch, and offered us a non-heart shaped waffle maker. Yes. Really. We got it last week, and so far we’ve done savoury waffles with poached egg and asparagus, and this evening I’m going to wow the kids with strawberry and ice cream waffles. I fully anticipate the perfect behaviour to continue, now we’ve got our secret weapon. I’ll let you know….

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