Rice crispy cakes – but not as you know them

So, what are these little mouthfuls of deliciousness, you may ask. And, admittedly it is not immediately obvious from our typically random photo (we try!). But these are marshmallow rice crispy cakes. That’s right. Rice crispies modified with all the gooeyness of marshmallow, and little else. Unless you count the drizzle of plain chocolate which is added specifically to increase the anti-oxidants consumed by your children at parties. Because, as we all know, kids parties are all about eating healthily (ha!). We
Why do we need to change a recipe that has served us so well, ever since our own childhood, you may ask? (That’s the second question you’ve asked in this blogpost so far, pipe down!) And the answer is; just because we can. The advantages to this recipe over the normal Golden Syrup scenario is that the marshmallow holds the rice crispies together really well so you can cut them into different shapes (essential). It also turns the cakes a pinky colour, which is always good. Plus there are large amounts of offcuts (the edges which you have cut from) which Claire shows you what to do with in the film we made about it here.  Plus it’s really easy. What more do you need? 

Pimped up rice crispy cake
Makes: 6-8 cakes
Start to finish: 20 mins prep, 30 mins in fridge
45g butter
220g marshmallows
150g rice crispies
30g chocolate

Line a 20x30cm tray bake tin.
Put butter into a medium sized saucepan over a low heat. After a few seconds add the marshmallows. Gently heat the mix until the marshmallows have lost their shape and you are left with a big pile of goo. Take off heat. If mix looks like it’s getting too hot take offthe heat. The key is to do it slowly.
Once you have a marshmallow soup, stir in the crisped rice. Gently fold them in, make sure each oneis coated. Empty the mixutre into the tin.
Initially the mix will be too sticky to flatten. Wait a couple of minutes and with clean hands press the mix down. If mallows go stringy they are still too hot. Set aside to cool.
Flip cake out of tray. It should come out easily attached to baking paper. Flip so paper is on the bottom and using a cookie cutter (nothing too elaborate) cut out hearts or circles. Melt chocolate and drizzle over cakes or dip in for high impact.

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