Festival Time

I’ve been to a fair few festivals in my time. I got stuck in the mud at Glastonbury, relaxed at the Big Chill, but it wasn’t until I went to a day long festival on Clapham Common about fifteen years ago, that I put my finger on how I felt about festivals.
I remember seeing plastic pint glasses littering the bushes as the smell of pee floated towards me. I remember thinking “oh, I’m getting that festival feeling!” And then I realised that that feeling was one of dislike. What was I doing? Listening to music on terrible sound systems, squatting in the bushes to do a pee because the loos were so disgusting, and paying through the nose for the pleasure.
So you may be surprised to hear that not only am I going to Camp Bestival, but I’m excited about it! I’ve heard a lot about it, and some of my best blogging mates go every year, which makes me a bit jealous. Knackered Mum always pulls a crowd and the Scummy Mummies are a riot.
With the introduction of the camper van into our lives (it’s been christened Douglas Parker by the kids, not sure why) a visit to a festival is suddenly a great idea – if only to gloat at everyone in their tent.
There’s a dressing up theme, and if you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that fancy dress isn’t my forte, but I’m even excited about that. It’s outer space, and I plan to put the kids in their all-in-one pyjamas with stars on them, and do a Bowie-esque flash on their faces. Inspired. And that’s just for day one. I have another outfit entirely planned for day two which involves deely boppers.
I plan not to cook at all while we’re there, mainly because I want to indulge in all the deliciousness they’ve got planned. Some of which I’ll be mentioning here quite soon.  
Have you been to Camp Bestival? Are you going? Any tips or hints? If you’re going to be there come on by and say hello. We’re the ones in the camper van feeling superior.

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