Thud. That’s the sound of me coming back down to earth. I’m now the mum of an eight year old and a six year old. I’ve dabbled in three day weeks, I’ve dabbled in blogging. But finally, I am back to work. Full time. With a thud.
Obviously, I’d rather not. But needs must, and tbh, several years of part time has been pretty unsatisfactory. You don’t feel involved with where you work and you rush around at home like a mad thing, taking too much on. Now I am working full time I am very aware I can’t take anything on. I can maybe see friends on a Thursday (two came to dinner last week – I warned them there would be no food unless they bought it. They did. It was yummy). IMG_7021
So I’m looking for shortcuts at home. Things which will make my life easier. My husband’s pretty good at home, but he doesn’t do the washing (mainly because I don’t trust him with it). But realistically we both need to do it now, so I’m going to teach him (and he’s not going to take kindly to that). I’m going to do a regular supermarket shop online, which I’ve never done. And I may just dabble in Thud.
Thud is a new food delivery service. It helps you create decent meals with the help of your store cupboard staples by posting you some of the ingredients. This means no-one has to be in to receive them (great when you work full time!), and they send you a shopping list at the start of week, so you can make sure you’ve got enough eggs/stock etc to make their recipes.
So far I’ve made their samphire frittata which was delicious and took about 30 mins. They sent me beautiful purple new potatoes, samphire, dill, all things I’d find difficult to get hold of on a work day. I had to provide the eggs. It costs £10 for two meals for two people, which feels really reasonable to me, but I imagine it’s relatively cheap because I also have to buy some of the store cupboard staples separately. We ended up not eating one of the meals because we went out, but I think if I got into some sort of routine of buying food online on a Friday (and getting the store cupboard staples) and then ordered Thud for a Monday and Tuesday, we’d eat really well with minimal thought. So I think we may sign up. 
If anyone else has got any top tips on what to do when you start working full time, I’m all ears.


  1. I go to Lidl a fair bit, and stock up on their fresh croissants, 29 pence each, then freeze them. I also buy their feta, and Halloumi. A nice easy quick meal is defrosted heated croissant, sliced, wilted baby spinach, also bought at Lidl, with olive oil and feta added to melt, can add cooked cherry toms, done in pan before the spinach. Slice croissant and add spinach and cheese etc. Add seasonings, or herbs, hot sauce etc, depending on taste.

  2. I used to work full time and it was very hard to keep up with domestic life. Here is what I did:

    – batch cooked large volumes of casseroles, pulled pork, ragu, etc and portioned, froze etc.
    – invested in some foil take away trays with lids and every time I made any meal made another and froze it. This also made me feel like I owned a cafe/takeaway which amused me.
    – online delivery every week without fail. ditto wine delivery.
    – planned eat out days so they were something to look forward to. often in the week too. or the week felt a slog.
    – froze staples – milk, cheese, bread, lime segments, ice, gin etc.
    – stocked up on all medical stuff online – much cheaper and better to have it in when bugs strike – from First Defence stuff to hayfever stuff to Calpol. First Defence is the best thing ever invented.
    – i did not hire a cleaner and i regret it hugely.
    – tried to put a wash on every day even if it wasn’t full. the whole folding and putting away felt less arduous. Also i did not iron.
    – birthdays were on a monthly calendar on the wall and at the beginning of each month I bought all gifts for the next month. also bought cards wholesale. still do the latter.
    – box on the stairs for each person and their collected crap. put everything in their box as it is collected. if they do not take it upstairs each night then all crap is thrown in the bin. ruthless.

    Good luck! Working full time is something I often miss.

  3. Asda fresh meal kits lifesavers in our house, especially the chilli and bolognaise kits from the veg aisle. I often use gnocchi cooked in with a pot of mince, saves potato cooking. Also making risotto with a packet of uncle bens rice and can of tomato soup, I add peas and crusty bread, and glass of fresh orange for the guilt but kids love.. I But only have 40 minutes to get back out the door for brownies ????


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