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We are two sisters with two husbands and four children between us, aged between five years and 22 months. We live in opposite corners of London, but wished we lived next door to each other. Well most days.

We are not cooks, just women who like to eat. Claire likes fish, liver and oysters. Lucy likes tacos, roast chicken and coconut macaroons. We both like chocolate. And red wine. We want our children to love food too, but having said that, we also want a life. We both work, have friends and like gazing into the mid-distance doing nothing. This limits the amount of time we have to make our own pastry, peel potatoes or even, if we’re honest, grate cheese.

Claire – I’m the Queen of Cobble. Because I try to buy all ingredients from local shops, with two young children in tow, the cupboards are frequently bare. Which means, in my world, having garlic and onion in the same meal is a rare luxury. Luckily my personal philosophy towards ingredients lists in recipes is the shorter the better, so I look at an empty cupboard as a challenge.

I’m a journalist, and worked at The Times for more than ten years. While there I have written, commissioned and edited pieces on everything from plastic surgery to tap dance, but have concentrated on food, children’s food and health.

Lucy – I’m the Queen of Ocado. If I dropped dead tomorrow, they would go bankrupt. Probably. But I buy meat, fish, cheese and seasonal fruit and veg from my local farmer’s market. I try to menu plan but often ruin it all by sneaking in a mid-week Thai takeaway. I have realised that the more organised I am, the better we all eat. That said, all the best laid plans of mice and men….

I’m a journalist too. I freelance for the national press and write about food, parenting and social trends. I am also a broadcast journalist and work regularly for Sky News and the BBC. I am the London correspondent for an Australian news show called “The 7pm Project”.

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