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Your crash guide to Christmas

Christmas is coming and in the five years since Claire and I started this blog we have learned a lot not just about Christmas but life, the universe and everything. Here is some of it, in handy-sized bullet points because at this time of year our brains can’t cope with anything but lists.

The easy way to make a homemade Easter egg.

Making an Easter Egg has always been on my to do list, but despite the ubiquity of Easter Egg moulds I have always thought it a fiddle. Then, this year, during a shop around Sainsbury’s inspiration struck. On the shelf was a squegg – a squashed chocolate egg covered with hundreds and thousands and marshmallows. And – most importantly – it was displayed in the mould in which it was made meaning that I could re-use it to make my own. Now, I am obsessed with making them as they take no time at all and make such a thoughtful Easter gift as you can customise them. For example, I made my nephew a blue one (using Wiltons Candy Melts – watch the film here) decorated with spider man sprinkles whilst husband got a Green and Blacks orange chocolate one studded with golden raisins, pistachios and crushed honeycomb. They are simple enough for children to make with very little supervision too. My 6-year-old made one today as a present for her favourite teacher using Dairy Milk, honeycomb and chopped hazelnuts. The Sainsburys moulds are quite big and take around 400g of chocolate but you can buy smaller moulds on-line. It it a lovely way to spend half an hour so abandon that shop-bought Easter Egg with all that surplus packaging and go for a homemade squegg instead. I’m going to have mine with popcorn, sour cherries and marshmallows. Happy Easter! You will need enough chocolate to fill your mould – plain or milk work best, white chocolate doesn’t melt well, but if you want something sweet and with colour I urge you to try Candy Melts – they...

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